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Please don't be mad!

Hi, I'm new, and I just started a titanic community called hmstitanic (it should be rms) and there's lots of fascinating pictures and articles I've posted right now for people to come look at and think about. So if any of you would like to go beyond the movie and discuss and research titanic the ship, titanic the disaster and the lives of the passengers, this is a great place. I can hardle wait for more people to join so the debates and discussions can start!

Here's the discussion right now, photos of the iceberg that may be THE iceberg. Come read the story behind this photo!

as well, come look at some of the photos I've posted of recovered items from the wreck, including the true "heart of the ocean"

Look forward to seeing you! Just type "hmstitanic" into interests and take a peek!


p.s.Hope you're not mad I posted here, I've just been watching and you guys seem like big fans, so I thought I'd offer an invitation :)

I'm not sure how claims work, but could I claim the scene where Mr. Andrews tells Ismay "this ship is made of iron, I assure, she can sink!"
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